7 Skies is a luxury street brand inspired by the Story of Creation. So much beauty was created in such a short period of time. Every day, marked by the sunrise and sunset moving east to west, sparks of greatness appeared from the world’s artisan.

The sky symbolizes an opportunity to create something special. Something timeless. Something meant to be. Each sunrise and sunset is unique, powerful, and captivating in its own way.

In only one sky, the light was separated from the dark. In only seven skies, what we call life was created.

I’ve always had a deeper appreciation for nature and the sky. Over the past few years, my color inspiration stems from these things. 7 Skies is an extension to this, capturing landscapes and the color inspired by these moments.

What I’d do to see those first 7 Skies.




Hands-on techniques are used to create each piece. Each design and color grid are individually placed and sewn. Using this approach allows high quality images to display a full range of colors on any garment.