Full Circle

FULL CIRCLE:  Full Circle is a fountain I'm dedicating to my Grandfather Ronald Lorenzo Smith.  Although my Grandfather passed a few months before I was born, I feel connected to him.  He represents everything I hope my brand Sons of Tyce one day embodies. 

Born in Jamaica, my grandfather traveled to Honduras where he was considered one of the top engineers of his time.  The skills he passed down to my father left a lasting effect on me, enabling me to create anything I put my mind to.


Ronald Lorenzo Smith | 6.27.1905 - 10.29.90


The influence my Grandfather passed on to me is extremely important to my brand Sons of Tyce, because Tyce represents my future children and the sons of Tyce represent my grandchildren.  With every piece of artwork I create I feel like I'm leaving a legacy for my grandchildren to experience.

While designing Full Circle I wanted all aspects of the fountain to stem from its title.  The raining water in the middle of the fountain was designed to symbolize the connection between time.  Have you ever thought about the difference between the spring water your grandparents drank and the spring water your grandchildren will drink?  Time is the only factor.

In attempts to make a deeper connection with time, I started doing research on Honduran art.  This lead me to finding a few articles that discussed a "Lost City" recently found in Honduras. In this city, several stone artifacts and even pyramids were found.  This inspired me to attempt a fresh approach to ancient pyramid architecture creating new shapes with my Full Circle and Reign Forever fountains.


As I continue to grow as an artist I'm always looking for different ways to present my unreleased artwork.  Originally, I wanted to create a still shot that captured Full Circle as if it was one of the ancient artifacts found in the Lost City of Honduras.  I really liked this idea until the intro scene to Coming to America came on TV Thanksgiving night.  

Why not recreate this scene as a never ending video loop to build on the Full Circle concept once again.  I knew this would require more time and energy but I thought it was well worth it.  To create the video loop I broke down the still shot in Adobe Photoshop and used Adobe Animate to bring it to life.

Besides Coming to America being one of my favorite movies growing up, I thought it was an appropriate way to release Full Circle due to my diverse family background and the telling movie title.  Especially with the current political tension towards immigration in the United States.  Take a look at the video loop below.

Full Circle | Video Loop

Full Circle | Video Loop

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about myself and my work.  Visit my website SonsOfTyce.com to see more artwork.  I truly appreciate your support!



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